Mission: Progress

Tidewater Capital invests in and develops real estate in the Bay Area for the collective prosperity of our partners and the communities in which we work. Through a value investment philosophy and authentic engagement, we create spaces that foster long-term positive impact while creating value for all of our stakeholders.

We are investors and operators with a geographic focus and expertise across product types -- office, residential, retail, hotel, and industrial. We focus on assets that can benefit from entitlement, development, renovation, repositioning, and/or improved management. We monitor market cycles to identify and execute compelling investment opportunities for our array of partners, including university endowments, foundations, and family offices.


Repositioning + Renovation

Value-add risk profiles

Entitlement + Development

Opportunistic risk profiles

Options + Ground Leases

Asymmetric risk profiles


Investor + Operator

Hands-on approach, closer to point of value creation

Hyperlocal Focus

Deep local knowledge and long-term relationships

Multiple Product Types

Expertise to execute across asset class spectrum


Economic Opportunity

Incubate small businesses, promote local hiring

Vibrant Urban Core

Collaborate to solve local challenges and enhance our neighborhoods

Environmental Sustainability

Emphasize transit oriented development & environmental leadership

Social Impact

We believe physical spaces have a significant impact on our individual lives, the social fabric of our communities, and the health of our global environment. As responsible stewards in an industry with far-reaching effects, our efforts are guided by the principles of promoting economic opportunity, creating a diverse and vibrant urban core, and embracing environmental sustainability throughout our complete body of work.

Impact Focus Areas

Tidewater Capital has identified three impact areas on which to focus the firm's time, resources, and energy: Economic Opportunity, Promoting a Vibrant Urban Core, and Environmental Sustainability.

Economic Opportunity

  • Create economic opportunities for local communities with a range of income levels and educational backgrounds
  • Seed and support businesses that hire locally and serve as stepping-stones for upwardly mobile workers and entrepreneurs
  • Pioneer models of commercial and community activation, such as The Hall
  • GOAL Support one new small business per year through financial assistance or expertise
  • GOAL Directly or indirectly create at least 25 new jobs per year

Diverse & Vibrant Urban Core

  • Contribute to local nonprofits through direct donations and sponsorships, as well as with time and expertise
  • Build mixed-use development and mixed-income housing
  • Support local artists and public art through direct sponsorships of art pieces, artists and arts nonprofits
  • GOALMaintain minimum 15% affordability through residential portfolio
  • GOAL Support one arts organization or public art piece per year

Environmental Sustainability

  • Develop new buildings certified as built to LEED Silver equivalent standard or higher
  • Emphasize transit-oriented development as core tenet of underwriting process and investment rationale
  • Promote tenant engagement to further sustainability initiatives
  • GOAL Pursue green building certification for 100% of new developments
  • GOAL Pursue energy and water efficiency upgrades in 100% of existing portfolio

Portfolio Overview

Asset Class

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Self Storage
  • Hotel Development
  • Residential Development

Business Plan

  • Operating
  • Development


  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • North Bay